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Dopple-chin ch05

believe it or not, I found the time to release this, real life is a bitch, I wanna escape in manga.
do not expect a release anytime soon, but we're not dropping this until we finish it, so bear with us. enjoy~

Translator: Dowolf
Editor: Lupa
Redrawer: Nox


Dopple-chin ch04 ;p

Translator: Dowolf
Editor: Lupa
Redrawer: Nox



Dopple-chin~ CH03! :p

don't get your hopes up, I forgot that this chap was cleaned and redrawed that's why we released x3 but, do not expect more releases anytime soon, RL is a bitch and we're all busy from the translator to myself. BUT, we haven't dropped this and are willing to finish it all the way to 4 volumes :p

Thanks to Dowolf for putting up with all of his Manga translations and RL too, send him some love :3 in the form of dildos :)
Major thanks to our new Redrawer 'Nox' for being a human that can redraw and offer to redraw this manga cuz I can't redraw for this, arigatou!!~

Translated By Dowolf
Scanned by: Lupa
Edited by: Lupa
Redrawer: Nox


dopple-chin ch02

REDRAWERS !! PLEASE REDRAWERS!! contact me on my profile on Batoto, username: lupajenge

P.S: If you haven't noticed it yet, my redrawing still sucks balls.


(v2, forgot to redraw p05, not again, who cares)
(v3, jesus christ someone kill me, fixed a word on p01, i hate myself)
Batoto Link

Yokohamasen dopple-chin ch01

need redrawers to work on this, life is busy so will put this out whenever, no fixed scedule, but no intention of dropping this.

redrawers please contact me @ batoto username: lupajenge

P.S: my redrwaing is shit... like... seriously... you can burn this page

cheers to dowolf for tling this, give him love, the man is more busy than I am with both RL and manga stuff.

v2(forgot to redraw p25):

Takamagahara_c17 END

sorry was so busy for too long :p and the last chapter is just so bad so lol anyway there u go


rp: mz
tl: dowolf
clean: lupa
redraw: ravidel, requiem
ts: lupa 

ddl link: http://bit.ly/TBPrQG
batoto link: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/144202/takamagahara_ch17_by_lupajenge



raw: mz
tl: dowolf
cleaner: lupajenge
redrawers: ravidel, 7lifelegend
ts: lupajenge

batoto link: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/139478/takamagahara_ch16_by_lupajenge
ddl link: http://bit.ly/TX5o0o

Takamagahara_c14 AND c15 DABULU RELEASU! ;0

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok i have to do this ... *takes hat off to spark, requiem, ravidel* :P thank you guys


Double release :), finally caught up, still one chapter this week that we need to release too lol but that can wait :P enjoy

c14 Credits:

RawProvidor: Mz
Translator: Dowolf
Cleaner: lupajenge
Redrawer: spark, requiem, ravidel, kundumstaf, dirna, nx-kyun
Typesetter: lupajenge

c15 Credits:

RawProvidor: Mz
Translator: Dowolf
Cleaner: lupajenge
Redrawer: requiem, ravidel
Typesetter: lupajenge

Batoto link: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/138461/takamagahara_ch14_by_lupajenge
DDL link: http://bit.ly/PbH3Y2

Batoto link: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/138462/takamagahara_ch15_by_lupajenge
DDL link: http://bit.ly/S3nIVP

reason of delays: REDRAWERS!!!

the redrawers who are working on the chaps are the most awesome folks.... BUT, WE NEED MORE GODDAMN REDRAWERS!! APPLY NAWW!!! LIKE NAW!! either comment to this post, send me a pm on livejournal, or send an email to lupajenge@yahoo.com, just cmon from under the rock redrawers!! :P

might release tomorrow, but as i said, for the upcming chaps, we need redrawers! lots of em! SO APPLY!!!!!!!!!

Upcoming project and a notice...

Ok, so I was planning to release the new one-shot called "Paradise Rule" by the same author as Enigma, SAKAKI Kenji. As soon as I get the raw hopefully will start working on it, BUT, it's gonna take a while to finish it all with redrawing and typesetting since there are lots of pages lol, also, this is a notice to any scanlation group or a person who redraws/typesets/translates and is interested in working on this one-shot to please join us in working on it so that we release it faster :P i know hardly anyone ever reads on this blog, but please those very very few that do read this livejournal tell scanlators about this and see who's interested.